Tapioca Go Opening Restaurant Location in MacArthur

hrScene Photo, Taylor O’Bier

Soon you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh Hawaiian poke bowl while sipping on bubble tea in MacArthur Center. 

Tapioca Go, a Chesapeake cafe that specializes in premium tea drinks, is opening another location in MacArthur, but this time with food.

Photo Courtesy: Tapioca Go, Instagram

Their current location, which opened in 2017, on Sams Drive features the instafamous, Taiwanese beverage known as bubble tea and other tea drinks. Bubble tea typically consists of a tea base with different flavors and the option of milk, as well as chewy pearls at the bottom made of tapioca, fruit jelly or other ingredients.

According to MacArthur Center’s website, Tapioca Go’s new, 2,312-square-foot location in the mall will include poke bowls (pronounced POH-keh). This Hawaiian dish is made up of sticky rice topped with raw fish, seaweed and other, various ingredients.

They plan to open the new restaurant in mid-September near Charley’s Grilled Subs.

Tapioca Go says on their website they originated in New York and worked with experts in the bubble tea industry for many years before deciding to bring their craft to Virginia. In July, they received recognition from Yelp for their out pour of positive reviews.

Other new features coming to MacArthur this fall…Memory Lane Sports, the grand re-opening of Nexus and the seasonal re-opening of Harry & David.