The Neighborhood Harvest is Expanding

Photo Courtesy: Suffolk Neighborhood Harvest

The Neighborhood Harvest, a Suffolk-based hydroponic farm, is expanding their operations into a larger facility to meet their growing demand.

Born in 2014, the farm is known for growing healthy greens, salads and more without the use of soil…hence the term “hydroponic.”

Plants are grown in water, where nutrients are delivered to the roots of the plants to help them grow a lot quicker. This creates a pest-free, pollution-free, weather-resistant, pesticide and chemical-free environment for the plants to grown in.

Because of this system, they refer to their produce as “beyond organic.”

But that’s not the best part. The Neighborhood Harvest delivers their produce, and other locally sourced goods like eggs and dairy milk, right to your door at your choice of frequency.

Since they were founded, their customer base has steadily increased. Now they will be moving the majority of their growing and processing operations to a 19,000-square-foot building in the Suffolk Industrial Park.

Co-Owner Thomas Vandiver founded the farm as a graduate project while attending the College of William & Mary. Eric Coble and Baker’s Crust Own John Stein are also owners. Stein serves the produce in the restaurants.

This expansion is just the first of many new things to come from The Neighborhood Harvest. Plans are being made to build an on-site commercial kitchen which can be used for a variety of different things.

They envision school kids using it to learn about farming and cooking and local farmers using it to rent on a temporary basis to create meals. And speaking of creating meals, Vandiver mentions the possibility of using that commercial kitchen to create full meals to deliver to customers.

“Why stop at just creating the ingredients, why not go the extra steps and create the entire meal?” he said in a press release.

Visit their website for more information.