5 Frugal Things To Do In Hampton Roads Before The Tourists Get Here

Tourists are great.  I’m so thankful we have them in the area- the money  they spend makes it possible for us to enjoy so many of the things that make Hampton Roads a great place to live.

They also create traffic jams, long waits in restaurants and expensive parking in certain parts of town.

In the spring I always start thinking about the things I want to get done BEFORE the area is taken over by our friends from out of town.

Here is my list of things to do before June:

Spring Festivals– We have so many great festivals in the area and most don’t have to break the bank.  Many are free to just walk around, listen to the music and browse the vendors displays.  Most of them take place at the oceanfront or downtown where tourists can make parking and traffic a challenge.  Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and enjoy the festivities!

The Virginia Aquarium (Locals Discount)– Because of it’s proximity to the oceanfront the Virginia Aquarium can get crazy during the summer- especially on days when the sun isn’t shining.  To get locals in before the tourists they are doing a locals discount of $10 off your ticket during February and March 2015!  There are some time limitations so be sure to check out the information on The Virginia Aquarium Website.

Enjoy the Oceanfront with Free Parking– I have a thing about paying for parking.  At the oceanfront you have to pay for parking April 1st through October 31st.  So on a nice warm day head down to the Oceanfront and take advantage of FREE parking.  Check out the Old Coast Guard Station, Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum, run on the Boardwalk or enjoy the sand!

Head To Pungo For Strawberry Picking– The weekend of the Strawberry Festival (Memorial Day) over 100,000 people pour into Pungo.  Head out any time before than to pick your strawberries and throw them in the freezer BEFORE everyone else.

Visit Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown– I so often forget all about the history sometimes.  Head out to these great destinations and take advantage of local’s discounts they often run during the colder months.

So be sure to look around and take advantage of what we have- before everyone else does!