8 Frugal Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

If your wallet is still feeling the strain from the holidays Valentine’s Day may not be something you look forward to.  While it is an excellent reminder to show those around us we love them, for some the cost of expressing that love has gotten out of hand.

This year, instead of opening your wallet, put in a little bit of time, creativity and thoughtfulness to show you care.

Check out these 8 frugal ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the people you love the most:

1.  Use Your Words– Instead of buying cards and chocolates, consider writing your special someone a letter to tell them why you love them.  With life being so busy we tend to take for granted the people who mean the most.   You can take small pieces of paper, write one thing on each and put them in a jar or box to be opened at the person’s leisure.  Create a Top Ten list of the best things about him or her.  Maybe hand craft a letter on special paper to be treasured in the future!

2.  Create a Mix Tape– Of all the things I miss from my childhood, mix tapes are VERY high on the list.  Create your own mix tape- whether burned onto a CD or put on a flash drive.  Include your first slow dance or a song from your favorite concert together.  Few things create a mood better than music!

3.  Have a Picnic– Skip the long lines and high food prices at restaurants and have a picnic at home.  Grab some meat, cheese and crackers from the grocery store and pop a bottle of your favorite wine without the restaurant price tag.  Build a fire and let the night proceed where it may!

4.  Make it a Family Affair– Valentine’s Day can be more than showing your significant other how you feel- show the kids as well.  Spend the day doing fun activities, going on an adventure or playing board games.  Your kids love seeing you happy and it makes them feel great to know you feel great.

5.  Cook Dinner at Home– No need to drop $50 on steak at a restaurant when you can make the same one at home (maybe even better) for $20.  Clear the homework off the dining room table, light some candles and have a romantic dinner without breaking the bank.  Or better yet make dinner together.  Find a cooking video online and create a new recipe!

6.  Just go out for Dessert– Still want a night out on the town?  Eat a small dinner at home and then hit up a restaurant for dessert.  This will help keep the cost of the bill down.  Maybe you can even have a milkshake with two straws!

7.  Do your “Honey-Do” List– This year earn your partner’s affection instead of buying it. Check out your “Honey Do” list and see what can be completed around the house.  Maybe she has been waiting on a new light fixture to be installed or he needs something finished in his man cave.  That project can be a reminder of love for years to come.

8.  Potluck With Friends– For those of us without someone special celebrate “Singles Awareness Day” with your friends.  Have a pot luck dinner and play board games.  Nothing perks me up like homemade mac and cheese and chocolate chip cookies from my friends who are really good cooks.

With a little bit of creativity you don’t have to spend alot to show the important people how much you love them this Valentine’s Day!