Hampton Roads On The Run!

Hey Runners in Hampton Roads!  Running is BIG in this area and it seems like there is ALWAYS a race somewhere close to you.  I’m Jon “Flex” Leiding, your Running Reporter in Hampton Roads for all great races. Whether its a Run, Duathlon, or even Triathlon,  I’ll do my best to clue you in.  The latest races and runs in local places plus, maybe an interview or two along the way of some people you may rub elbows with on runs and learn a bit more about them.

A little about me: I came back to running in 2006 after taking a break for “Life”.  Kids, work, a busy schedule, and bad habits had me overweight and never even thinking I’d be where my journey has taken me.  I got into Running for fitness and fun.  I went from 5Ks to 10Ks, and even a Half Marathon or two.  A good friend said to me “you know that means you have to run a marathon next.” What? I did, and 17 marathons later, I bring my experience and passion here for you.  So let’s hit the starting line!

This past weekend was light as we all celebrated Independence Day on July 4th.  Two great races did kick off that morning.  the 31st annual YMCA independence Day 5k was won by Chesapeake’s Michael French, covering the 3.1 miles in 17:11.  The ladies champ was Virginia Beach’s Octavia Rinehart, crushing the race as she normally does, in 18:30.

The Yorktown Independence Day 8k was fast and furious for Williamsburg’s Rich Saunders, took the victory of the almost 5 mile event in an awesome 28:17.  That’s a speedy 5:42 per mile pace.  Virginia Beach’s Drew Midland finished second with a great time of 29:10.  Christina Hogue was the Women’s Winner in a strong 32:54.  Also, a big “Shout out” to 15 year old, Delaney Riggs! She was the third female in a super time of 36:09.

If you are looking to race this weekend, check out the Sunny Day 5K at Mt. Trashmore or go “off road” with the Road Rage 5K Cross Country meet at the Virginia Wesleyan Campus.  If you’re on the Peninsula looking for fun, the Powhatan Creek Trail 5K race could be for you. I told you- great races are everywhere.

Also, Tuesday are Fun Days at the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk with the Tidewater Striders Summer Series. Last Tuesday, they had a fun run where the clock started a Countdown from an hour and a half and the goal was to start your Two or Four mile run and finish together with all the other Runners as the clock goes to 0:00.  This Tuesday, it’s “Predict Your Time“.  Runners are NOT allowed to wear watches!  Run either Two or Four miles and guess what your time will be.  One year, a young teen won by guessing within two seconds of her time in the Two mile run.  It’s a great way to learn about pacing.  there is a small fee for the event and afterward, Pizza, sodas, Waters, and some Adult beverages.  I’m ready to go now!See You Soon..."On The Run!"

Okay-  that’s all for this time. Next week, not only will we have your report on the upcoming races but a bonus Video Report as well.  Let’s be honest: we love the videos!  Thanks for checking us out.  Please share it with your friends.

Here’s hoping I catch you soon…”On The Run!”

On The Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding