Holiday Fun, “On The Run!”

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So, this “video thing” we keep cranking out is getting popular.  Someone suggested shooting my “best side,” somebody else wants me to use a crazy 1970’s cartoon filter, while another friend said I have a face for radio.  One day, I’ll figure out what some of that means but for now, I’ll just say let’s go “On The Run” again and check out just some of the fun!



Special Shout Out to those of you racing the Chick-fil-A 5k/10k this Saturday.  you can still get in if you visit Those Crazy Cows will be back at the Mariners Museum for these amazing races.  Now, I’m hungry for some chicken biscuits!  Good Luck!

Beware, the Cows!
Beware, the Cows!

Congrats to all of you who ran this past weekend.  Competition always “heats up” near the beginning of Summer.  As always, you can find races in the “757” all over the internet, including,,,,, along with great running stores, and for events and more.

We have a small controversy brewing in another part of the sports world.  Not the NBA playoffs, or even baseball.

Just going for a warm up...
Went for a Really Long Run?

It’s horse racing.  Seems somehow Kentucky Derby winner Nydquist lost at the Preakness in Maryland.  The horse’s owner claims his jockey was switched before the start.  I have no idea how that got there.  Just me “horsing around.”

I’ll be at the Elizabeth River Run in Portsmouth this Saturday.  Hope to see you there.  I’m excited to see the one mile race down Crawford Street. The kids always inspire.

Good luck this holiday weekend.  Remember those who sacrificed their all for this country and allowed this country to still be free.  Thanks for checking us out this week.  Share with your Running Friends.  see you soon, “On The Run!”