Most “Run-derful” Time of The Year!

The Latest Running News, Notes, and “Shout Outs” from Running  Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Check the calendar because this could be one of my favorite two weeks time periods of the year! I love sports. So why is this the best time of the year you ask? Think about it, baseball just finished this week with an amazing World Series. College and pro football are in full action. The NBA has started and even the NHL has hockey rinks around North America full of action. Also, soccer games are being played all over the world.

From a runner’s view, this time of the year provides cooler temperatures need after a heated training season. Great fall marathons like the Marines Corps Marathon last week and New York City Marathon this Sunday also take place. In my mind, it doesn’t get much better.

Enough explaining myself. Time to use my magic powers for some results, give some “Shout Outs”and preview the races this weekend. Here’s our video report as we go…”On The Run!”

Plenty of  races are waiting this weekend. Check out the usual websites to find the one for you. Good Luck! I may be out racing this weekend so if you see me, smile and wave, you might be on next week’s report!

Until then, I’ll catch up with you soon…”On The Run!”