Let’s Race this Weekend: On the Run!

The Latest Running News, Notes, and Stuff in Hampton Roads from Running Reporter, Jon”Flex” Leiding as We Go “On the Run!”

This week’s report is in “Sparkling Color!”  Translation: I did the whole thing on video.

Hope you’re ready to rock this weekend.  Here’s a look back at last week, with a peak at the races for the weekend.

Like I mentioned in the video, big “Shout Outs” to Hampton’s Robert White, who set an age group record for the 92-95 year category at the 24 Hour Run for Cancer, along with 14-year-old Peter Cavazos.  Plus, Steve Speirs rocked out 136 miles in 24 hours.  Twenty four hours running?  I can barely pay attention for an hour-long TV show!  Amazing!

You can always check these amazing running websites for “last minute” details and registration: tidewaterstriders.com, mettleevents.com, colonialroadrunners.org, or peninsulatrackclub.com.   They are all great friends to know “On The Run”.  Plus, you might just find a race/run I didn’t mention.

Gotta get moving. There’s another race starting somewhere.  Keep doing what you do and I’ll get to be your big cheerleader.  Good luck this weekend.  Run Strong!  I’ll catch you “On The Run” soon!