Military Minute: Navy Divers Recover 150-Year-Old Vessel

For the past couple of weeks we have recognized our service men and women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

In this weeks military minute we would like to salute Navy Diver 3rd Class Kevin Kollar and Navy Diver 1st Class Calum Sanders for their efforts to salvage a 150-year-old captured enemy vessel, the Civil War ironclad Confederate State Ship Georgia.

21-year-old Kollar lives in Virginia Beach and has been in the Navy for nearly two years.
His current duty assignment at Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit two is his first post-dive-school.
Navy diving requires more knowledge than Sanders thought he would need.
He skipped college and went straight to the Navy where he now feels right at home.

As for 27-year-old Sanders, he is from Buzzard Bay Massachusetts and currently lives in Virginia Beach.
He has been in the Navy almost 8 years and has always wanted to be a diver.
Sanders arrived just in time to head to Savannah, transferring to MDSU2 in May.

The two divers had been recovering the ironclad in Savannah since late June.
They should be wrapping up their assignment in about a month.
“I am having a great time taking part in history,” said Sanders.

We congratulate both men for their service and wish them well as they continue to recover CSS Georgia.