A Moment 15 Years in the Making

As a parent, there are special moments in life that you know one day will come true. Call it a dream if you want. I crossed that milestone moment recently and the dream was better than I ever imagined.

The small thought of what could happen entered my brain soon after my second son Casey was born back in November 1999. In under two years time, my wife Cathy and I welcomed two healthy boys into the family. First came Cameron who is on the right in the picture and then Casey. I’m not sure how soon after Casey was born that I turned to Cathy and said, “One day we will see these two boys playing baseball together in high school on the same field.”

Years went by and the boys bounced back and forth between recreational and travel baseball teams. They shared the same field on several occasions and even played side by side in middle school for two seasons.

One of the biggest question marks a player faces is how will they fare against older and more experienced players each time they move up a level.

As a father who played college baseball at Virginia Tech, I felt if they were going to find success in baseball, they always had to be prepared for that next level of play. They had to meet and exceed the expectations of coaches and players they will share the field with each time they move up. Getting over that hurdle is challenging for each player, but the better prepared a player is, the lower that hurdle will be.

With that in mind, the moment 15 years in the making happened last week. The Princess Anne varsity baseball team had a bye on the schedule, so coach Jimmy Hunt put together an intersquad scrimmage. Casey starts at shortstop on JV, but was selected to play in this scrimmage. It just so happened that Casey was on the same team as older brother Cameron who starts in centerfield for the varsity.

When the boys told me about this game, my mind raced back 15 years. The moment had arrived and it was like Christmas morning for me. All day long, I had trouble keeping focus and more than once I asked myself, “where did the time go?”

Cameron hit lead off and Casey hit right behind him in the 2 spot. They both played great with Cameron scoring the game winner.

Sure this was a meaningless scrimmage game, but to see them share the same high school field for the first time was one of those truly special moments that only a parent can understand.