A Salute to Sports Moms

Now that Mother’s Day is almost here, let’s take a moment to celebrate sports moms!

You know who you are and we love you for making the sports world happen. Where would those young athletes be without you, Mom? It is mothers who make it happen and every player needs the support of their mom.

Behind every athlete, there is a mother that made it possible for that player to know the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Each time a player steps onto the field of play, there is a caring, enthusiastic mother in the stands or on the sideline cheering them on.

From endless car pools, clean uniforms, pep talks, nutritious meals, much-needed cheering, post game snacks to end-of-season parties, moms make the sporting experience one to remember.

You juggle each day’s busy schedule like a pro. You book weekend hotel stays for out-of-town tournaments and take the pressure off your athlete so they can concentrate on the game and their performance.

You know that for your player to play great, they have to look great. Each week you handle grass stains and muddy, smelly uniforms like a champ. So with that said, why is white the color of sports? White baseball and football pants, white soccer shorts and socks. Really?

While it can be a father who is the driving force behind each athlete, many times it is the mother who is the voice of reason and sees the game from a different perspective. Sports can be frustrating and moms provide that shoulder to vent or even cry upon.

You sacrifice a clean car each season so your player and their teammates can bond between games and practice. Giddy, loud, and smelly kids in the backseat, no problem!

You gladly give up your weekends and week nights so your little player can be a part of a team and understand all that sports provides.

You know who you are cowbell mom. Ring it loud and proud!

Thank you team mom. Thank you Gatorade getter. Thanks to the concession stand moms and equipment provider moms. We love you cheerleader mom and lawn chair coach moms. Thank you mom for dealing with all of that smelly sports gear.

We love you and salute you sports moms for making sports happen and putting smiles on athletes everywhere. You really are the MVP!