Fall High School Sports Closing in on Champions

Now that November is here, we are getting closer to crowing champions in fall high school sports. The regular season for high school football is done, but other sports like field hockey and volleyball are well into the playoffs.

No championship will be as dramatic as the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, but for the kids still playing right now, it means almost as much. Many of the athletes began their official season back in August. However, preparation for the season began well before that. Almost all of these athletes do some type of side training or travel team games and practice.

Unlike 20 to 30 years ago, kids play their sport year-round and despite playing countless games with their travel or recreational teams, winning a high school state title still remains the ultimate goal for many.

In the next couple weeks, fans at high school football games will fill the stands on Friday nights and as usual, they will be wearing their winter coats with hats and gloves. Just as the weather starts to turn south, the competition for bragging rights and titles begins to heat up.

Regardless of how far these players, coaches, trainers and teams make it, congratulations on your commitment to competition. In sports, we put too much emphasise on the end results, when really its about the entire journey that truly matters. We will celebrate the champions for finishing with a win, but getting up each day in pursuit of a championship is what true champions are really made of.

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