HR Sports Star: Sarah Marriner

A high school sports career seems to end sooner than later for most young athletes. All players have goals and dreams they hope to accomplish in that short time. Sarah Marriner is no different.

The senior at Perquimans High School in Hertford, North Carolina came into her final regular season game against Gates County needing just one point to reach 1,000 career points, but she admitted that something felt wrong before the game’s opening tip. “I was jittery all over. My shots weren’t falling down like they were supposed to. I kept going to my coach asking him what’s wrong?” said Marriner.

Nothing was wrong. Marriner only needed for the game to get underway to reach the milestone. It came early on after a steal. “I’ve been waiting for that moment since the beginning of my freshman year. I saw one other girl in Perquimans County reach 1,000 points and it’s been my goal ever since,” said Marriner.

Marriner became just the second girls player in school history to reach 1,000 career points and she shared the moment with her family and friends in the stands. “I tell you what, I got a knot in my throat. I still have a knot in my throat,” said Sarah’s father. “She used to line up things in our driveway, like coolers and our geese that are supposed to be stately in the yard and line them in the yard as defensemen, and run through them to practice. She’s blindfolded herself in our house and dribbled through the house blindfolded.”

Marriner, who averaged over 18 points a night in her final season, is being recruited by Methodist College and hopes to get at least a look from East Carolina. Wherever her career takes her, she’ll always remember the first basket of her last regular season game.