Not just sports… RECKreational Sports!

Welcome to the first installment of RECKreational Sports. Back down from the ledge grammar police! That title is just a little word play. With the name Reckling, you’ve got to have a little fun with it.

Over the years, my nickname has made the rounds. I’ve been called, Reck, THE Reck, Rock, Shrock, Recking Crew, Reckline, Rambling Reck, Moose, Jethro and a whole lot more. Some of the “whole lot more” nicknames are not suitable for this column.

So what is this RECKreational Sports thing all about?

A wise woman from hrScene came to me one day asking if I would like to contribute a sports element.  “What type of element?” I asked.  The wise woman looked at me like I was crazy. She reminded me that I have been in sports in one shape or form almost my entire life. That wise woman was spot on! The sports world has shaped my life in so many ways.

In the past 20 years as a sports reporter, I have had access to every walk of the sports life here in Hampton Roads. From players and coaches to managers and moms, I have covered all the games from just about every angle.

I have been elbow-to-elbow with hockey legend John Brophy. I traded punches (and lost, by the way) to one of the world’s greatest boxers, Pernell “Sweatpea” Whitaker. I have crashed more than one car at Langley Speedway, and I have even “blacked out” in an experimental jet. The list of sports adventure is long and possibly headed this way.

In RECKreational Sports, I will draw on my experience as a two sport player at Virginia Tech, and as a father of two young men in high school, I will try to help you navigate the twisted road of travel sports.  Heck, as a lifelong surfer, we might just talk board wax and baggies!

What I’m trying to tell you is, like my life in sports, RECKreational Sports will evolve from week to week. And between suggestions from you and all I’ve learned, we should have a great time! So, let the games begin, and, by all means, please call me RECK!