Learn to Surf This Summer

Looking for something fun to do with the kids and stay cool in the process? Why not take them to the beach and introduce them to surfing!

Now is the best time of year for young and older kids to learn how to ride the waves off the coast of Virginia Beach and North Carolina.

Here are just a few reasons why summer is the best time to learn how to surf!

1. The surf is normally small and manageable for beginners.
2. The water is warm and inviting. No need for cumbersome wetsuits.
3. Surfing is a healthy habit that you can enjoy your entire life.
4. Kids have more time on their hands in the summer.
5. There are many surf camps to choose from.
6. Surfing is cool!

If you plan to introduce your child to surfing, make sure they are comfortable in the water and are a good swimmer.
Get them a soft-top foam surfboard with plastic fins.
Always use a surf leash so you will not be separated from your board.
Know the rules and where are the best places to surf.
Surf in guarded areas until you get more accomplished at the sport.
Be courteous to other surfers.
And by all means, respect the ocean!

Happy surfing!