The Dirt on Keeping Uniforms Clean

Why is it almost impossible for a player to leave the baseball or softball field with a clean uniform? I guess, if you are playing the game the right way, you’re diving all over the field trying to make a play. And once you leave the field, those dirty uniforms find their way into the laundry room where mom makes her magic happen.

So following my son Cameron’s weekend of play and his brand new pants a filthy mess, I decided to share a few uniform cleaning tips. It’s important for you to know, my wonderful wife Cathy is the Queen of Clean and the Wizard of White. In other words, all this great advice is from her.

A white pair of pants covered with rubbed-in dirt needs to be rinsed or soaked. Cathy likes to soak the a iron outpants for several hours in Iron Out. Iron Out was designed back in the 1950’s to remove rust stains, but it works great on white clothing.

Once the pants have soaked, its time for a washer cycle. For especially dirty pants, Cathy will wash them with a small amount of bleach.

Cathy has found that OxiClean stain remover spray works best for grass stains. She will pre-treat the pants before sending them through a wash cycle. OxiClean also works well with tough stains like catsup, mustard or red syrup from a post game snow cone.

a white pantsSince most baseball or softball pants are made from polyester, players keep cool, dry and comfortable. That Polyester material can also withstand a good pressure wash. So I guess you can always stop by a car wash and blast your pants if you have too.

Thanks to all the moms who keep it clean and white!

Happy washing!