Top 5 Ways to Stay Cool for Summer Sports

Man it’s hot out there! Mother nature got all heated up on Tuesday – in the form of a record-tying 99 steamy degrees.

And while many have decided to stay indoors and enjoy some conditioned air, many of our young sportsters are hitting the fields and sweating in the pursuit of athletic excellence.

How do you prepare your little one from succumbing to the hot world outside? Please allow me to pour a little ice on the subject.

Here are my top 5 tips to survive when things get hot:


Yes we all know it’s hot outside, but don’t let your mind take you out of the game. Hot and steamy weather can change your mood and change your performance on the field of play. You are not the only one playing in the heat, so stay mentally strong and do not use the heat as an excuse.

Cool tip #4 – USE SUNSCREEN


So if its hot outside, chances are the sun is blazing and that means overexposure to the dangerous effects of the sun. Protect your skin and find a good sports sunscreen that will not wear off when you sweat and by all means USE IT and REAPPLY!

Cool tip #3 – FIND SOME SHADE

A little bit of shade can make a big difference! Portable shade canopies are very popular and easy to find. If you are on a field, please make sure there is some type of shade available so athletes can take a breather during breaks in the action.

Cool Tip #2 – USE COOL RAGS

The cool rag can quickly change the effects of extreme heat. It is a simple quick way to cool down. Just keep a rag submerged in a cooler of ice water and just apply the rag to the back of your neck or top of your head.


Hydrate early and often. Your summer sports fun can quickly evaporate if you do not properly hydrate before, during and after a game or workout. Some of the signs of dehydration are a lack of energy, headaches, body aches and fatigue. If you or your athlete is feeling this during competition you may want to seek help from a trainer or physician.