Two Good (Local) Reasons to Root for the New York Mets

Alright local baseball fans, throw away your allegiance to your favorite team and jump aboard the New York Mets bandwagon!

I know what your thinking, “Chris, you are out of your mind!” But I assure you Yankee fan, I am not crazy.

While I am a huge fan of Major League Baseball and I have my favorite teams, I always root for the local guys. And the New York Mets have two local players who will be instrumental to the team as they battle the Chicago Cubs for the NLCS title. David Wright and Michael Cuddyer.

Yes, call them the pride of the Chesapeake.

Cuddyer graduated from Great Bridge high school in 1997 and was a first round pick by the Minnesota Twins. While Cuddyer made his way in professional baseball, he inspired many younger players from Chesapeake to follow in his footsteps.

David Wright was one such player. Wright graduated from Hickory high school in 2001 and was the 38th overall pick in the draft.

Wright and Cuddyer were reunited this season when Cuddyer agreed to a 2 year, $21 million dollar contract.

At 36 years old, Cuddyer has been chasing a World Series title ever since he cracked the starting lineup with the Twins 15 years ago. He was the National League Batting Champion in 2013 and he wanted to play his final years on the East Coast where he is closer to his wife and three kids.

Joining Wright in New York was a no-brainer for Cuddyer.

The 32-year-old Wright is the captain of the Mets and a 7x All-Star. Wright made it known prior to the start of the season that his team had what it took to make a run at the World Series title.

Now 4 wins and the Chicago Cubs stand in the way of Wright and Cuddyer playing in the World Series.

I did my first interviews with these two guys when they were in high school and I have kept in touch with them after all these years. The bright lights and big money has not changed them much at all. David Wright and Michael Cuddyer are as good a role models you will find in professional sports. I know you have your teams, but wouldn’t it be great to see both Wright and Cuddyer sharing a championship moment together?