It’s About Beer and Community at Coelacanth Brewing in Norfolk

Coelacanth Brewing in Norfolk is creating good beer while supporting the community and contributing to the growth of the bigger picture of craft beer in Hampton Roads.

Think Warm Thoughts with Craft Beer at Hampton Roads Breweries

With spring right around the corner, craft beer breweries around Hampton Roads are starting to put on events to get you to think “warm thoughts”.

If you LOVE Craft Beer, you’ll Love this Week in Hampton Roads Breweries

It’s Valentine’s Day Weekend, and craft beer breweries around Hampton Roads are embracing the holiday with specials and events.

A Week Full of Craft Beer Events at Breweries around Hampton Roads

If you’re not caught up in winter weather fever this weekend, get out and enjoy a craft beer or two at a Hampton Roads brewery. But if you do so, please be careful.