Nauticus Welcomes the ‘Royal Princess’ Cruise Ship

A 1,083-foot cruise ship arrived at Nauticus on Tuesday, the longest to ever dock at the center.

First Seabin on the East Coast Installed at Nauticus

An innovative, floating trash bin was installed at Nauticus Marina on Wednesday with hopes it will reduce at least one ton of waste in the Elizabeth River per year.

World’s Tallest Viking Ship (Finally) Stops in Norfolk

Nauticus says the Draken Harald Hårfagre (Draken) will be in Norfolk through September 30 as a part of its Expedition America: East Coast Tour 2018.

Fall Cruise Season Underway as AIDAluna Arrives at Nauticus

The Carnival Corp.’s AIDAluna — which had as many as 2,100 passengers on board — arrived at Nauticus on a rainy Wednesday morning.

Homecoming Lei Adorns Battleship Wisconsin

A 70-foot-long homecoming lei was placed on the bow of Battleship Wisconsin for the 30th anniversary reunion of its association, bringing together generations of its sailors.

The Vikings Visit to Norfolk Postponed.

Discover your Viking Spirit during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Nauticus Unveils Norfolk’s First Pier Mural

Nauticus will reveal the City of Norfolk’s first pier mural on Thursday, Aug. 23 at a special edition of their “Party on the Pier.” 

Play Battleship with the Battleships

You can now enjoy a game of Battleship while among the battleships in Downtown Norfolk

VIDEO: Nauticus Welcomes Nearly 2,000 Cruise Ship Passengers

The American Constitution and Artania are arriving at Nauticus on Thursday and Friday.

Virginia Zoo Membership Swaps

If you’re a member of the Virginia Zoo, you can use your membership to get into several other organizations for free each month.