Canals and Chocolate

With Ghent, Brussels and Bruges in close proximity and all with lots to do, deciding which city to visit for my day trip to Belgium is a tough choice. As a Norfolk resident, my first instinct was to check out Ghent.  If time allowed I’d ideally hit all three, but for my first visit I began with Bruges, a fairy tail-looking city distinguished by its cobbled streets, canals with swimming swans and medieval buildings.  Walking through Bruges you’ll notice several bustling squares, the Belfry, Town Hall, Gothic Basilica of the Holy Blood, Church of our Lady, and numerous beautiful canals.  It’s easy to spend an entire day walking through town enjoying the brisk breeze, picturesque water views, and history of Bruges, but when in Belgium ShunecaChocolateyou must also make time to indulge in a taste of the region including some of the worlds best beers and of course…chocolate.

While I was very tempted to go full on chocoholic I decided to add a cultural experience to my glutenous excursion and toured the Chocolate Story Museum to learn more about the history of Belgium chocolate-making from a Chocolatier at a demonstration and tasting.  The Chocolate Museum offers a very informative, short and sweet presentation to accompany its sampling of amazing chocolates!   There are several chocolate shops on every street and even more pubs pouring the areas famous libation, beer.  I confess I am not a beer drinker but after a long day of walking this city I really enjoyed winding down my trip by sampling a few different tastes of Belgium beer including a local favorite, Cherry Beer.  There is no better way to complete a long day of touring Belgium than with a cold local brew.  For me, it may even be the beginning of new appreciation for the beverage.

Shuneca Beer