Downtown Norfolk Working to be Bike Friendly

In an effort to make Downtown Norfolk a more bike-friendly community, the city has constructed a major bike maintenance facility, shared lanes on roadways and installed several bike racks for cyclists.

Because of the developments, more cyclists and clubs are popping up and this trending style of transportation is becoming more popular on the roadways.

“Bikes are growing in popularity, and they pair nicely with other modes of mass transportation like light rail, the ferry and even buses,” said Mary Miller, president and CEO of Downtown Norfolk Council. “Here, you can get from one side of downtown to the other in a matter of minutes by bike.”

The Downtown Norfolk Council started the developments in 2011 by funding five custom art bikes racks throughout the area. Since then, 35 additional racks and other amenities have been installed this year with more to come.

Sharrows, or shared lane markings have also been added to the roads to promote safe travel amongst bike riders and motorists. And the newest addition to downtown is a bicycle maintenance station near the MacArthur Center, where riders can perform basic maintenance to their bikes. Two more maintenance facilities are scheduled to be built and are sponsored by local businesses and residents.

With all of these additions to the downtown area, bike riding is establishing itself as a popular form of transportation and a part of the city’s culture.

“DNC is actively working on initiatives to improve the bike ability and walk ability in Norfolk with a specific emphasis on transportation to downtown and within downtown,” said Travis Davidson, member of the Bike-ability Subcommittee of Downtown Norfolk Council. “The plan has made significant progress and is on schedule for completion this May.”